Three weeks to go…

Three weeks to go…

… and we’re getting very busy. There’s always tons to do to get an open house ready, including cleaning up, moving the furniture, preparing and hanging the art, printing up info and labels and tags, organising invigilation, distributing flyers… the list just goes on! It’s all worthwhile, of course, as hosting an open house is incredibly rewarding, so absolutely no complaints there.

We’re watching the announcements carefully to see how things will pan out. At the moment, it looks like we’ll be requiring masks and sanitiser (probably wise anyway) and possibly keeping social distancing. Rumour has it that the 1m rule will have disappeared by the final weekend, so it could be completely back to normal by then… or possibly sooner?

Don’t forget that if you want to avoid the crowds, you can book a private viewing on this website. We’ve currently opened up a few slots but if you would prefer to come at a different time or day, get in touch and let’s see what we can arrange.

Stay safe everyone!

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