Annie Cross

Annie Cross


Having always held an interest in printmaking, Annie discovered an instant connection with the traditional process of etching whilst studying in Bip-Art, Kemptown. Through this newfound direction, she won a scholarship to study etching at the prestigious Il Bisonte in Florence. Having intensively practised the processes involved with etching – handling acids, resins, specialist papers, acid resists, tools, and more – she decided to continue practising this medium as a core focus. After returning in June 2021, she joined the Printmaker’s Cooperative in North Star Studios in Brighton to continue developing prints whilst working openly on commissions.

Many recent works reflect an interest in linking “place to print” – capturing landscapes using natural materials such as sands, flowers, soil, and foliage for interesting marks, collected from the physical location depicted. It is the permanence of etching that Annie finds so captivating, and this methodology strengthens the connection between the location observed and the feelings associated with being there in real life. 

Other artistic directions are inspired by Japanese culture and landscapes celebrating the colours, forms, and complexities of life and the process of etching itself, which is why the collection of work is varied.

All etchings are printed on Fabriano and Hahnemule etching paper, signed, and editioned by the artist.