Marta Ptaszkiewicz

Marta Ptaszkiewicz


Marta’s work is greatly inspired by nature – its forms and processes, which she regards as metaphors for human life. She is interested in movement and change, as some of the essentials of the natural world, as well as in its sensual qualities – textures, light, and space.

Strongly linked with dance and music, her works are are created mainly through intuitive improvisations; she follows physical and emotional impulses evoked by music and the painting process itself. Her own experience of playing music and dancing let her experience the links between music/sound, movement, and painting. During painting, she experiences music in a visual way – translating sound, articulation, and melody lines into colours, textures, and shapes. 

Often during the creative process, she reaches the point where all the senses unite into one, the sense of self disappears, allowing her to discover new worlds – surprising yet recognizable: traces of the natural forms that impressed her deeply and imprinted themselves in her mind and body; emotional and sensual impressions.

Marta was born in Poland, where she received a classical music education and a diploma from the National Music School. She has an MA in philosophy and has training in dance and dance therapy. She studied Art & Design in Brighton, UK.